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:heart:Coldplay and Hetalia:heart:
Album Stamps - Parachutes (Coldplay) by strawberryowl96Album Stamps - A Rush of Blood to the Head by strawberryowl96Album Stamps - X and Y (Coldplay) by strawberryowl96Album Stamps - VLVDAHF (Coldplay) by strawberryowl96Album Stamps - Mylo Xyloto (Coldplay) by strawberryowl96
Album Stamps - Ghost Stories (Coldplay) by strawberryowl96Album Stamps - Live 2003 (Coldplay) by strawberryowl96Album Stamps - Prospekt's March (Coldplay) by strawberryowl96Album Stamps - LeftRightLeftRightLeft (Coldplay) by strawberryowl96Album Stamps - Live 2012 (Coldplay) by strawberryowl96
ColdPlay Stamp by SpitFire19erColdplay Stamp by YakalentosColdplay E.T.I.A.W. by rottenapple3
FemPrussia Stamp by XxLoveIsLostxXNyo FrUK Stamp by lila79. 2P Axis Powers stamp . by ponypaws
APH: I love Natalia Stamp by Chibikaede2PNyo!France by YukinoTenshi23Nyo!Prussia by YukinoTenshi23
2PNyo!Italy Veneciano by YukinoTenshi232PNyo!Germany by YukinoTenshi232PNyo!Japan by YukinoTenshi23
2PNyo!United Kingdom by YukinoTenshi232PNyo!Russia by YukinoTenshi232PNyo!Canada by YukinoTenshi23
ItacestLovinoVersion by MikuFregapaneItacestFelicianoVersion by MikuFregapaneAPH - Germancest stamp by Psycho-Emma

wh8t n8w photo tumblr_ly8cru6JIE1qjbd74.gif
Astrology nerd, here I am.
Sun Sign SCORPIO v2 by DarkCougar55SRising Sign Sagittarius v3 by DarkCougar55SMoon Sign Capricorn v4 by DarkCougar55S
Mercury Sign Sagittarius v2 by DarkCougar55SVenus Sign SAGITTARIUS by DarkCougar55SMars Sign Cancer v2 by DarkCougar55S
Jupiter Sign Aquarius v2 by DarkCougar55SSaturn Sign Aquarius v2 by DarkCougar55SUranus Sign Capricorn v2 by DarkCougar55S
Neptune Sign Capricorn v2 by DarkCougar55SPluto Sign Scorpio v2 by DarkCougar55SMidheaven Sign Libra v2 by DarkCougar55S
Arc Node Signs North Sagittarius South Gemini v2 by DarkCougar55SChinese Zodiac - Monkey by SharkfoldCeltic Zodiac - Reed by keysan


Scorpio by mysageFinal Fantasy Stamp by winter-ameFox Stamp by Autumnxx
Final Fantasy XI by darkdisciple-stampsFinal Fantasy X by darkdisciple-stampsFinal Fantasy XIII Stamp by JackdawStamps
Sasori stamp by gasmaskfreakKiller Bee Stamp by darkfelbuAll 9 Jinchuuriki Stamp by BloodlustBakura
-Kankuro Fan Stamp- by SilvolfSarutobi Stamp by WritingRinTobirama Senju Stamp by Mocattu
Naruto Shippuden Stamp by TainakaNaruhina Stamp III by TainakaTeam 10 - Naruto by dedkake
Badass Tsunade Stamp by Lady--TsunadeStamp: Kyuubi no Youko by sirbartonsladyStamp: Puppetmaster by sirbartonslady
naruto  Kyuubi Chakra mode by SakamakiJustineKiller Bee Stamp 02 by NatzabelDisney Vanellope Fist Bump Stamp by TwilightProwler
Traverse Town World Stamp by AttamaRyuukenChain of Memories Stamp by Cobalt-AceGiant Crazy Cactuar Stamp by witch13888
Axel by EllexonStamp: Sandsibs Fan by sirbartonsladyGoofy by Ellexon
Okami-Stamp by DinoclawsDonald by EllexonFreya by ovstamps
Lulu by EllexonFreya Crescent by MindfloeSapphire by just-stamps
Fable II Stamp by MeganraTemple of Shadows +stamp+ by CheyenneRalphsPhotosShutter Island stamp by 5-3-10-4
Vivi Stamp by MrsHighwindPaz by just-stampsHello stamp by KawaiiUniverseStudio
Pride :Stamp: by Circe-BakaNyan Stamp by EsteckaDonut Cat -stamp- by MsPastel
MKR Stamp - Tata n Tatra 001 by hanaktTeen Titans stamp by xselfdestructiveTomb Raider 2013 by GtkShroom
french fries stamp by xselfdestructiveI love cinnamon stamp by magical-brachrome user by sergbel
Aiko stamp by Tea-StrawberryChildhood-self forced me to do this -9- by Tea-StrawberryChildhood-self forced me to do this -3- by Tea-Strawberry
Django Unchained stamp by ChrysalisloverQuentin Tarantino Stamp by ryukukuPulp Fiction Stamp by REDWOOD3D
Artists 10: Yoshitaka Amano by MetadreamKeys Are Awesome by KeypersCoveKind of a lot of things by eranashine
Cloud Atlas Stamp by Lady-AnnJoanneRavens Stamp by sequelleWoodkid stamp by Tirrathee
I Love Keys by SegnozI Collect Keys Stamp by SamColwellInglourious Basterds Stamp by dedkake
From Dusk Till Dawn stamp by 5-3-10-4Kill Bill Pussy Wagon Stamp 1 by dA--bogeymanpusheen-fan stamp by iixCandy
evanescence stamp by otakulottieTP: Captain Amelia Stamp 1 by NyxityNightmare Before Xmas stamp by 5-3-10-4
Puss in boots Stamp 2 by kaorinyaplzLooking At The Sky Stamp by cleopataStamp - Cat Lover by MauserGirl
depeche mode stamp i by peterdawesrice stamp by yilliDistrict 8 Stamp by ChemicalIceTea
KERLI Stamp One by Chat-MortSTAMP Edgar A. Poe by TTPersephoneTTWreck It Ralph:  Ralph Stamp by DIA-TLOA
Wreck It Ralph: Vanellope Stamp by DIA-TLOAKlimt Stamp by srattMKR Stamp - Umi 001 by hanakt
Ninetails-Stamp by TheOnlyWayIsDeathSonic Generations Loading Stamp by DbzbabeShadow and Maria Stamp by Stamp221
Katamari Damancy Cousins stamp by HystericDesignsShadow 2011 stamp by SA948-StampsMKR Stamp - Clef 001 by hanakt
Blaze 2011 stamp by SA948-StampsKnuckles 2011 stamp by SA948-StampsVector 2012 stamp by SA948-Stamps
Modern Sonic 2011 stamp by SA948-StampsTeam Chaotix stamp by SA948-StampsTeam Dark stamp by SA948-Stamps
Team Sonic stamp by SA948-StampsTeam Rose stamp by SA948-StampsDr. Eggman 2011 stamp by SA948-Stamps
Rouge 2011 stamp by SA948-StampsH A I R by lightpurgeJo Calderone by winehaus
Gotta Go Fast stamp. by xXMistressUmbrellaXx11121 Stamp by Clockwerk-chanResident Evil 4 Stamp by darkdisciple-stamps
Gimli Stamp by SolarPaintDragonLegolas stamp No3 by Strange-little-cat-Spartacus:RebelsGeneralsStamp- by RobicTheEscapist
Spartacus Series stamp by ChrysalisloverSpartacus stamp by ChrysalisloverBlood and Sand stamp by Chrysalislover
Agron by YukinoTenshi23Gods of the Arena stamp by Chrysalislover300 stamp by Chrysalislover

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Your result for The Ultimate Homestuck Character Test...

You are Vriska Serket

16% John, 35% Rose, 6% Dave, 32% Jade, 20% Karkat, 35% Aradia, 26% Tavros, 11% Sollux, 6% Nepeta, 35% Kanaya, 12% Terezi, 39% Vriska, 11% Equius, 35% Gamzee, 0% Eridan, 17% Feferi, 18% Roxy, 25% Jake, 28% Jane, 21% Dirk, 24% Meenah, 18% Aranea, 36% Kankri, 17% WV, 6% PM, 12% Cronus, 6% Spades-Slick, 17% Sn0wman, 11% Caliborn and 5% Calliope!

You're an adventurous and outgoing person with a great imagination and a go-getter attitude. But perhaps there's another side of you that you are hiding, because you think it's not right for you to be 'weak'. You're fun to be around (when you're not being an ass) and despite outward appearance, you do have a heart.

Take The Ultimate Homestuck Character Test at HelloQuizzy

What's your Homestuck blood color?

You got Purple!
Damn, look at you. You're the second most royalist thing living on this earth.
You sometimes like to rub your place in others people's faces because you think you're a really big deal.
Don't let any of that get to your head, you're only the second best.

What Element Fits You Best?
What Element Fits You Best?
Hosted By Anime
What Character From Final Fantasy IX Are You?
What Character From Final Fantasy IX Are You?
Hosted By Anime

-YayAbisumi!- by RobicTheEscapist.:Abisumi:. by veri119


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580 / 1,111
What a crazy num8er! OH BOY!!!!!!!!!!!Alpha Kids Trickster Pixel by manyahGOAT RobictheEscapist Pixel Icon by snarkyMelon

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Digital Colored Shadowed Chibi
-CE2:Ceasar- by RobicTheEscapist
-PC:SkahnaKicano- by RobicTheEscapist
-PC:DaveAndSarahAndMr.Naks- by RobicTheEscapist
-Commission:ChibiWitchOfRage- by RobicTheEscapist
Literally a digital colored shadowed chibi of whatever character you want me to draw;
I can do also more than one in a picture, just tell me how many you want me to draw and I'll tell you the price ;D
So I guess today is the day when you can vote the t-shirt designs on!
Well, I feel kinda ashamed saying so, but... why don't you go there and rank all the thousand and count designs that were submitted? ='D
... you may even like the three I did, who knows?! I'm going to link them here, in case you do <3 uHHHHH

Beta trolls t-shirt:…
Grimdark!Rose t-shirt:…
Vriska t-shirt:…

I can't wait to rank them all 1000&more! ...stupid internet that doesn't let me do it now, I h8 you so much <3< I'd like to know if these designs are appreciated! ='D Lame, lame, lame, lame

Gomen for semi-rant, happy ranking and happy risotto, every8ody! :iconyayvriskaplz:
  • Mood: Anxious
  • Listening to: Angel-Depeche Mode
  • Reading: Too much Murakami
  • Watching: My Kairi
  • Playing: Tomb Raider/Sonic Generations
  • Eating: RISOTTO!
  • Drinking: Glasses of water


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Is an Homestucker, a Coldplayer, a Fury, an Hetalian and a Narutard. And her love for Vriska Serket is unconditional and eternal.

Scorpio Symbol by AgentMidnightHappiness is real only when it's risotto.Scorpio Symbol by AgentMidnight

^^^^^^^^ Me, always.

^^^^^^^^ Me always, again.

My life is a romantic comedy, minus the romance and just me laughing at my own jokes.

I'm an Italian Scorpio and I ship too much in every fandom I'm in.
As the passionate gal I am, I love a lot of things, like: risotto, keys, the number 8, to draw randomly, Coldplay, Homestuck, Hetalia (and all his Nyo!, 2P!, Mochi! and Neko! versions), anything related to Tarantino, Christoph Waltz, Dan Feuerriegel, Naruto, cats (especially black ones), foxes, Nietzsche, E.A.Poe, lilac, violets, dragonflies, hedgehogs, Final Fantasy, Okami... (and I could continue forever!)
Being the huge drama queen I am, there are also a lot of things I hate, like: storms, butterflies, Gwyneth Paltrow, fog, failure, any form of racism, bashers, moralists, having to stay under the sunlight, getting tanned, those who ask for gifts or points and I really can't stand germs and dust too.

Thief of Rage by YukinoTenshi23-DoeretHoodUp- by RobicTheEscapist-HellYay!- by RobicTheEscapist.:Doeret Dargin PIXEL:. by veri119Rage GIF by YukinoTenshi23

My matesprite:heart:Love Risotto by YukinoTenshi23 We're gr8 ='D!.:HiGh8100dCuTiEs:. by veri119

I was 0kay. Then I discovered Homestuck.

Cobalt Thief by YukinoTenshi23GUESS WHO by MintyPepperVriska Stampoo by SparklyGutsbluh bluh by Janbearpig
this 8e the l8st one by Dametoravriska is a ball of awesome by MintyPepperarachnidsGrip Fan Stamp by RyujiDiceyVriskaaa by SparklyGuts
Vriskers by YukinoTenshi23aranea and meenah by Orgasmic-ScreamFlower Crown Vriska by YukinoTenshi23Flower Crown Aranea by YukinoTenshi23
Aranea. by aim--and--ignite-ErivrisStamp- by RobicTheEscapistScorpio stamp by ParamourxLightsCobalt Corsair by YukinoTenshi23
Happy thoughts by JanbearpigMarquise Spinneret Mindfang by YukinoTenshi23Dices by YukinoTenshi23Vriska Stamp by Vrisky
Spider lusus by YukinoTenshi23Stamp: MindFang by whamazingSTAMPSAranea Stamp 2 by CadetCutie-TavrisStamp!- by RobicTheEscapist
-VriskaStamp- by RobicTheEscapist-AraneaStamp!- by RobicTheEscapistThe Dare-Devil by YukinoTenshi23Aranea Serket by YukinoTenshi23
.:GamVris Stamp by KharizmoMeenah. by aim--and--igniteYet Another Homestuck Stamp by AlClairDersecest. by aim--and--ignite
Meenah Peixes by YukinoTenshi23Damara Megido by YukinoTenshi23Rufioh Nitram by YukinoTenshi23Mituna Captor by YukinoTenshi23
Kankri Vantas by YukinoTenshi23Meulin Leijon by YukinoTenshi23Porrim Maryam by YukinoTenshi23Latula Pyrope by YukinoTenshi23
Horuss Zahhak by YukinoTenshi23Kurloz Makara by YukinoTenshi23Cronus Ampora by YukinoTenshi23Erisolsprite by YukinoTenshi23
Next up is Rose by Dametora-AwStamp- by RobicTheEscapistViolet Mariner by YukinoTenshi23Seahorse lusus by YukinoTenshi23
-HeinoustuckStamp!- by RobicTheEscapistEngage Trickster mode! by YukinoTenshi23dirk and roxy by Orgasmic-ScreamStamp: Kankri by Shendijiro
Jane Obey by YukinoTenshi23OBEY by YukinoTenshi23Stamp: Damara by ShendijiroSTAMP: Sollux patron by lucas420
-CoolKidXHotMom- by RobicTheEscapistFuchsia Ruler by YukinoTenshi23Ahab's Crosshairs and Wand by YukinoTenshi23wwhy wwas this not first by Dametora
The Dolorosa by YukinoTenshi23Stamp: Kurloz by ShendijiroStamp: Cronus by ShendijiroStamp: Mituna by Shendijiro
The Sufferer by YukinoTenshi23The Psiioniic by YukinoTenshi23KNEEL motherfucker by Dametora-AlphaAndBetaTrollsStamp!- by RobicTheEscapist
SN1FF M7 N00K H4H4H4H4HS4KLJDKL by DametoraMoThErFuCkIn MiRaClEs by DametoraBicyclops by YukinoTenshi23uHH GOOD GAME EVERYBODY by Janbearpig
Prospit Dreamer 2.0 by YukinoTenshi23Thief of Rage 2.0 by YukinoTenshi23HomestuckStamps-[Patron Troll] Sollux by YoShizukaThief of Rage Stamp by ProudTortoise
Orphaner Dualscar by YukinoTenshi23Chainsaw by YukinoTenshi23AradiaxSollux stamp by ParamourxLightsDirkquius - Red - Stamp by Alternian-Geneticist
kanaya and vriska by Orgasmic-ScreamJane the Businesswoman STAMP by veri119Gamzee by AlClairI Heart Fantrolls stamp by ifAnyoneCould
U THERE GURL by Kriiseeabut I'll shave it for later by YukinoTenshi23Kitty Rose by YukinoTenshi23Meenah X Karkat Stamp Mk. 2 by ProudTortoise
Kitty Dave by YukinoTenshi23Bunny Jane by YukinoTenshi23Flower Crown Rose by YukinoTenshi23Flower Crown Dave by YukinoTenshi23
Vantascest by KK-KiranThis Is Stupid by YukinoTenshi23Flower Crown Porrim by YukinoTenshi23Flower Crown Kanaya by YukinoTenshi23
Grimdark!Cronus by YukinoTenshi23Flower Crown Mituna by YukinoTenshi23Flower Crown Sollux by YukinoTenshi23Flower Crown Damara by YukinoTenshi23
Flower Crown Aradia by YukinoTenshi23Flower Crown Kankri by YukinoTenshi23Flower Crown Karkat by YukinoTenshi23Flower Crown Rufioh by YukinoTenshi23
Flower Crown Jane by YukinoTenshi23Flower Crown Dirk by YukinoTenshi23Ultimate Evil Stamp by MisbegottenMisfitKurlin Stamp by Raayy1
Rage God Tier by xXxDarkWolf29xXxHope God Tier by xXxDarkWolf29xXxLight God Tier by xXxDarkWolf29xXx[KIRIBAN PRIZE] LOL WUT HOMESTUCK by TheDalmin
-AlphaAndBetaKidsStamp!- by RobicTheEscapistThe Seer of Light by YukinoTenshi23Purridan by YukinoTenshi23Pawsee by YukinoTenshi23
Tafuros by YukinoTenshi23Furadia by YukinoTenshi23Kananya by YukinoTenshi23Pawllux by YukinoTenshi23
Karkitty by YukinoTenshi23Equihiss by YukinoTenshi23Fefurry by YukinoTenshi23Pusheen Jane by YukinoTenshi23
Pusheen Roxy by YukinoTenshi23Pusheen Rose by YukinoTenshi23Pusheen Dave by YukinoTenshi23Pusheen Dirk by YukinoTenshi23
Mambostuck Vriska by YukinoTenshi23Mambostuck Gamzee by YukinoTenshi23Mambostuck Eridan by YukinoTenshi23Mambostuck Alpha Kids by YukinoTenshi23
Mambostuck Rose by YukinoTenshi23Mambostuck Kanaya by YukinoTenshi23Mambostuck Dave by YukinoTenshi23Mambostuck Beta Guardians by YukinoTenshi23

Stamp: I am an INFJ by Jammerlee= Protectors and Confidants; "Author": Strong drive and enjoyment to help others. Complex personality, 1.5% of total population.

Your result for The Homestuck Trolls Personality Test...



Your name is VRISKA SERKET. 

Your trolltag is arachnidsGrip and your st8ments tend to 8e just a little 8it overdramaaaaaaaatic. 

Take The Homestuck Trolls Personality Test at HelloQuizzy

Which FFX Protagonist Are You?
Which FFX Protagonist Are You?
Hosted By Anime
What Is Your Emblem?
What Is Your Emblem?
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I'm on Pesterchum! My chumhandle is crystallineTroublemaker -Ministrifeme- by RobicTheEscapist
OTP: -Ministrife!Abisumi- by RobicTheEscapist
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To the bitter end.

Favourite photographer: Robert Doisneau, Henrry Cartier Bresson, Steve McCurry
MP3 player of choice: Salamino!
Sun sign:♏ Zodimotes - Scorpio by criz

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